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25 December 2012 @ 02:25 am
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03 November 2012 @ 12:06 pm
So, uh...Finally I have time and mood to write something :)
~ A month ago I got fired, by my boss who was a dickhead, and not in pretty way, right in the middle of work, they bring this newbie and told me to leave all work to her, assholes. Well, not everyone ofcourse, some people seemed geniunly upset about my leaving, which was a little bit weird, cos i wasn't very talktative person there. Anyway I think all of this mess ended up ok, cos I finally could move on from this and something new, which I wanted to do since I got back from my vacation. And I did! Now I'm a tourism manager, WOHOO! :) It took me three weeks of searching and going on various interviews, where employers looked through me, because I've had zero experince and I almost gave up the idea, I've got the call from my new boss Julia, who gave the job. All in all this job is a little bit harder in some ways, for example I work 10:00-20:00, where on previous job it was 9:00-18:00, and salary here is smaller for now, but it makes me happy and i like it :D
~ Fandom/ish: I'm still pretty much onto teen wolf world of sterek :D But I've started to watch some new shows like Arrow (I like it very much, dunno why though, I've never have been to much into Smallville for example...) Revolution is boring, but if you have nothing else to watch...Oh, I love this seaason of Castle and Homeland = AMAZING! Supernatural looks promising this year, but TVD...I have no idea why I even watch this show %)Probably for Caroline (I'm still in shock that Candice Accola and Tyler Hoechlis were dating, like OMG, they looked so adorable together:D ) Klaus? and Damon, the whole storyline with vampire Elena is nauseating. :/ Merlin, what can I say about Merlin. I like it, but don't feel the same way about the show like I did a year or two ago. I mean yeah, it looks bigger and better in some ways, Arthur/Merlin storylines is amazing, but without magical reveal it looks pointless *shrugs* Morgana is meaner and madder and I love her. But it isn't the same :(
~ I'm out of inspiration. I can't do any icons, or tumblr!art or anything else. :(
21 July 2012 @ 09:30 pm
On Vacation until August, 3 :)
07 June 2012 @ 11:32 pm
When was the last time I posted something? Ahh, I forgot.

So I think I'm fine, well almost fine. You know I rarely post something positive.

I have problems at work with my new boss, and it's a guy who is really nothing and currently trying to look good at my expense and almost all people in the office hate him except the highly rated boss. I dunno what was he thinking, probably nothing and I'm pretty sure if I would say something about that guy, the highly rated boss wouldn't be giving the slightest fuck, but whatever, right?

So also I'm currently trying to pass exam for driving license, well I'm gonna buy it, but I'm still need to got try out the exam.

My year at uni is almost over too, I need to pass one exam and I will be free until october I think :)

I still didn't found the right guy, but I have seen my ex in the last weekend. The only one I thought was that important in my life. And for once I didn't have feelings for him except friendship.

Also I wanna try to lose weight, and I think I found the easy way. Shower Sharko. I hope it will help me, and then I'm gonna change my relantionship with food, sweets and chocolate :D

I want to read a book, I've tried to read ASOIF, but it isn't really my type of thing, I do love the series, but the books a bit too long for me right now :( I want to read something not related to scinece fiction, if you have any suggestions, I would be really happy <3

Tonight I found out that magicawards is open for bussiness this year and I'm already late for nominations :( Why I am always late to the party? :'(
13 April 2012 @ 03:56 pm
Friends only, now.

Because of co-workers. Fucking creepers :\
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